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On Wednesday, August 08, 2012, YouthLAB visited the Chinese American Museum of Chicago. The visit began with an informative 15-minute video on the rich history of Chinese Americans in Chicago, a city to which many Chinese workers fled after encountering hardship and bigotry on the West Coast. The film also offered insight to the wide range of dialects spoken in both China and Chicago’s own Chinatown. As the video informed students, Chinese dialects such as Shanghainese and Cantonese can be as different as Spanish and French! 

Afterwards, students received a wonderful tour from one of the museum’s two docents. The guide was quick to provide interesting historical facts about the many artifacts on display, including a 15-pound antique iron that was used in a Chinese-owned dry cleaning shop! Students were also fascinated by the old, but still functioning cash register that was once used to ring up orders.

The highlight of the trip came when students began playing a Chinese bean toss game. The game required students to catch a beanbag on the backside of their hands without allowing it to hit the ground. Sounds easy, but it’s a lot harder to execute. Students also played a livelier variant of the game, this time passing the beanbag around in a circle by kicking it to the next player. Afterwards, YouthLAB made its way to a nearby Chinese bakery that specialized in making tasty treats that fused desert with both breakfast and lunch. There, students purchased and ate buns and biscuits filled with everything from ham and cheese to hot dogs to eggs. Yum! 

Ultimately, the trip not only exposed students to a vibrant culture different from their own, but also offered a great learning experience about the many hidden and readily accessible treasures that Chicago has to offer.


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This past weekend, seven BBF girls headed out of the city and into nature to participate in an overnight camping trip.  Most had never been canoeing or camping before, but all were eager to learn and increase their skill set.  By the end of the three hour canoe training, they had mastered how to steer their canoes, safely rescue any friends who might tip overboard, and how to portage a canoe across land.  However, most importantly they learned about teamwork.  

Every task and activity this weekend required our girls to work together as a team, whether while preparing dinner, setting up the tents, or breaking down the camp.  By practicing good communication and encouraging each other, the BBF girls pulled together and demonstrated how much they can accomplish when working together.  While some of the girls will be putting these skills to the test when they head out to an eight-day canoe trip to Minnesota’s Boundary Waters in August, all of the girls can apply the life lessons they learned to their daily lives. 


 Last week, we had the pleasure of spending our afternoon with wonderful staff and youth of the Heartland Alliance’s Summer Youth Program. Youth from both groups had a great time getting to know each other while learning about both Chicago and world cultures.

The Heartland Alliance is not-for-profit group dedicated to serving refugees seeking new lives throughout the Chicago area and beyond, as well as the homeless and those living in poverty. For their summer youth program, they take in the children of refugees, from young children to high school aged youth, each day and provide constructive programming while helping the youth to acclimate to a new home and culture.

Working with Heartland, we set up an afternoon of learning, fun and cultural exchange. Meeting up at a North-side church, we began with the kids of BBF putting on two presentations as part of a service-learningproject to educate their refugee counterparts.

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Wednesday, May 30th from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.


  • Nate Lassiter - Creative Director
  • Denise Chaimovitz - Broker, Commercial Real Estate
  • Nancy Russell - CFO/ Director of Property Management

Come find out how these professionals got a start in their careers and what sort of skills and education it takes to make it.